Friday, 9 May 2014


Always with good intention i attempt to "blog" and after a few weeks or when life gets in the way it demises. Everybody posts there opinions online, sometimes maybe a little to much! But for me blogging is an opportunity to break an industry that is becoming a huge part of my life, i want to design spaces that captivate the user and provide them with an experience they maybe weren't always expecting! Its for this reason that I want to take a different approach to what i post, rather than feeling it should be about a certain topic i want embrace a true passion and welcome opinions and the criticism; "Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle"

Thursday, 7 November 2013


As part of one of my assignments at uni i've been asked to create a digital sketchbook of inspiration. I've chosen to do this through tumblr so if you have one follow me :)


Monday, 4 November 2013

winter blues...

I've tried hard to keep up to date with this blog but recently i've felt so uninspired, I don't know maybe its just the weather? Certainly not the time of the year as christmas is my favourite! Reminding me a lot of christmas is a model i made for a recent project, a lot like paper snowflakes i would make when i was little.

Derived from the word "pierced" i created a concept model that created an atmosphere with shadow and light. I designed and drew a lace like pattern on illustrator to form the outer shell. Then with the use of light at different angles that would mimic different intervals within the day, patterns would be cast out over the space.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Neglected ...

I've seriously neglected developing my blog recently, i think i've just had a case of the blues! but after a hard gym session this morning i think i've blown them all away; fingers crossed! Introductory weeks at uni are finally over and now i can get into the real reason i'm there which is a god send for me; it's a real passion!

Over the last week we where asked to complete a drawing project, the kind of drawing which is just not my strong point i'm a lot more into structure and dimensions, but strengthening other areas can only help right? We had to do a small catalogued style of a museum installation on anything we liked, i can't tell you how many times my topic changed but i finally settled with the great British seaside! and on these recent rainy days it was the perfect piece of summer. I chose an illustrative style merely to hide my 10 year old drawing skills and as for the "colouring in" oh my i've seen children's  colouring books with more expertise, but its all good fun. My final images i photoshoped to improve and just use the skills i have to my best ability this was my final outcome.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Busy Busy Busy!

Uni has well and truly kicked in and as committed as i want to be in building up my blog it's most definitely took a back seat this week! Not much has changed except the vast amounts of money being spent on sketchbooks and numerous emails coming in from various design websites; which will start to become a feature and focal point of my blog to build inspiration for upcoming projects. 

This week i had a small group project to produce a board for and we chose to base it upon Revolution bar in Newcastle; i personally love this bar, for a lot more than the cocktails. I don't necessarily agree its furnitured to its full potential and various changes would boost this space even more, but with the amazing architecture it definitely takes a second roll!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Glossybox - September

The London Edition

Elizabeth Arden - Untold
Eyelure - Pre-glued eyelashes
Toni & Guy - Classic shine & gloss serum
Be a bombshell - Onyx eye liner
Dr Lipp - Original nipple balm for lips

Have to admit when i saw this i was excited by the packaging, who doesn't like a bit of gold? Then realising it was an Elizabeth Arden fragrance slightly dubious. Don't get me wrong i am a massive fan of some of her products! the eight hour balm is a god send! But fragrance wise, well lets just say retirement home-esk; wrong again! I was pleasantly surprised that it had a very modern and fruity scent that rivals such popular perfumes like Miss Dior & Marc Jacobs, i'm still not sure if its enough to convert me but this sample is an ideal handbag freshen up!

The Be a Bombshell eye liner is also a new product to me, uncapped it resembles a black marker, and so does its stroke. A clean precision line with a sheen that "will last all day" i'm quite a skeptic to the last all day line so i applied a rich oil based cream over the top (guaranteed to shift it) i rubbed it into my skin till almost dry and the liner hasn't budged one bit! safe to say that this will be a re-buy!

Everything else in my box I own or have tried before, but are a welcome addition to my make up bag! The Pre-glued eyelashes i still glue, just to save the eventual drama of half my eyelash hanging off of being faced with a windy day and having my eyes stripped bare; not a good look! The Dr Lipp original balm is a perfect day to day basic! a bit of gloss, sheen and the winner for me it doesn't go tacky or dry up! This was my first glossybox and i feel fully satisfied with what i've received i'm looking forward to next months already!